Who we are

Krystina Murawski and Jaxston Gandalf (the Pomeranian)
Krystina L. Murawski
Owner and Founder, Noomi

A self-proclaimed peanut butter (PB) lover and connoisseur, Krystina Murawski founded Noomi on April 2, 2018 out of her little-8-foot-galley-kitchen in Hartsdale, NY. (For the non-nutshell narration, read The story of Noomi, and see just how she brought her brand and vision to life).


Combining her passion for PB and entrepreneurial spirit came as naturally as the ingredients in her products—she only wishes she had started the journey sooner! On July 28, 2018, Noomi made its official debut at the John Jay Homestead Farm Market in Katonah, NY. And oh how the crowd went nuts for Noomi!


When she's not consuming or creating peanut butter, she enjoys running, cooking, and training agility with her 3.5 year old Pomeranian, Jaxston ("Jax") Gandalf. She competed in her first agility trial with Jax in January 2019, and is working toward achieving his AKC ACT1 title this year.